Interviews with Americans about their first or most memorable experience with the n-word.


There are painful stories from older blacks haunted by their experience with the n-word —


"I don't like the word 'nigger.' Never liked the word 'nigger.'"


Annie Louther, 100

Hamden, Conn. (Georgia)

 "I use it every day."


Gerald Burch, 19

New Haven, Conn


Juxtaposed with the quite different experiences of younger blacks who use the word "nigga" as a term of endearment.


There are stories from whites, Asians, Hispanics and other nonblacks about their experiences with the word.

"I  will be honest. Yeah.  Every now and then I use the word."

Vinnie, 32

Solana Beach, Calif.

"A lot of people around here will say, 'Oh, I'm not a racist. I know the difference between black people and niggers."

Jessica Roberts, 30

Greenwood, Miss.

"I hang out with a lot of black people, so I would hear it often, but it never came out of me to call my friends that."

Yoselin Valverde, 21

San Diego, Calif.